Thursday, January 10, 2019

Foreign netizens express nostalgia over Angel Locsin’s hit tv series, The Legal Wife!

Teleseryes make people relive their dramas and depict their real lives. More often than not, viewers can relate to the stories and characters of soap operas that is why they get all hooked.

Filipinos, according to study, were the most emotional people in the world, and their love of dramatic soap operas could be the primary reason behind our emotional character. It’s been our routine to be seated in a sofa, relaxed with family and binge-watched our beloved telenovelas that largely reflect our lives. They came into popularity in the 1950s and expanded to different genres and timeslots through the years but the most notables series were on primetime. Since then, teleseryes became a trending part of our culture and nothing can probably stop us from tuning in to our own soap operas and our love for the storylines of these telenovelas will probably never end.

No wonder why even across the globe, other countries also get hooked on Filipino Teleseryes particularly the South East Asians and Africans. Our love and support for our own is that contagious that it far reaches the hearts and minds overseas and it is something we should take pride on.

One of which is an Angel starrer series, The Legal Wife, that Nigeria chose to air on their Nigerian English-language broadcast television network, Televista TV. And just as how our very own Angel Locsin together with Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador and JC De Vera conquer the hearts of Filipino audience, they didn’t find it hard to conquer the hearts of the Nigerian viewers. As a matter of fact, Televista TV recently took to Instagram a photo of Angel Locsin with the caption, “Isn’t she just a born Queen? How much would you miss #AngelLocsin as Monica on #TheLegalWife? #TelevistaTV #DsTVCh194 #GoTVCh15” and the Nigerian viewers can’t get snap out of nostalgia expressing on the comments how much they admired and missed the Filipina actress. See their overwhelming responses below.

Source: Instagram


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