Sunday, January 6, 2019

BTS: Angel Locsin shows concern for Mocha after their EPIC BRAWL scene in Four Sisters and A Wedding

Angel Locsin is your no ordinary girl. She’s free-spirited and has unwomanly interests that sets her apart from the typical. Don’t get it wrong, ‘girl next door’, ‘The sexiest woman alive’ and ‘One of the most beautiful’, she’s all that too! As an actress, her first-rate calibre in ACTION DRAMA is unmatched! Need no introduction, she has the world at her feet because of her superlative portrayals that have become legendary and remain unrivalled making her a QUEEN! Indestructibly well known for her action-packed performances, she’s someone that you do not want to wrestle with.

One of the roles she immortalized is Alex Salazar. She’s one of the Salazar sisters in the movie, Four Sisters and A Wedding, a Filipino comedy-drama film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and critically acclaimed as one of Philippines' best films of all time. The film also features Star Cinema's most prominent young actresses: Bea Alonzo (Bobbie), Toni Gonzaga (Teddie) and Shaina Magdayao (Gabbie). This is a story of a family, specifically, of four sisters attempting to stop the wedding of their younger brother, Rebreb, played by Enchong Dee.

Alexandra Camille “Alex” Salazar is the “black sheep” amongst the siblings. She’s an independent film assistant who had fallen in love with her sister Bobbie’s ex, Chad (Bernard Palanca), who later in the story cheated on her. Backed up by her sisters, Alex went to Chad’s gig and caught him with another woman, played by Mocha Uson. She confronted him, ended their relationship and the next thing he knows, it’s a final run-in where Alex pulled the woman’s hair and dragged her out of the bar after she’s called “Desperada”. Lucky her, Alex is still in her right mind to let her run for her life.

In fact, there’s a video shared on Youtube that captured the behind the scenes of that EPIC catfight! It shows on the video how intense the scene was. The director called “cut” after that fiery scuffle and you can hear her saying, “Amazona yan si Angel e. Ang lakas talaga ng babaeng to. LOBO yan e! Angel, lumabas ang pagkalobo mo ah!” More than someone who you would be afraid to mess up with, Angel being her usual self immediately checked on Mocha after the scene concerned if she was badly hurt. Really an Angel!

The video was posted by Youtuber who goes by the name jgjonathan85 and already earned 17K views as of this writing.

Watch the video here: YouTube


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