Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bonding time! Angel Locsin and her Dad are off to somewhere!

"In a few days she will be The General’s Daughter, but forever she is her daddy’s little girl”

An award winning versatile actress, action-drama queen, one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, always on the list of the sexiest stars, one of the most loved personalities in the Philippine entertainment industry — all these and more refers to the one and only Ms. Angel Locsin. On-cam, she’s the best actress that’s earning praises from everyone and off-cam, she’s the greatest daughter any father could possibly wish for.

Everyday is a family day for Angel Locsin. She’s making the most out of her vacation as her job is really not the kind of job that gives her a luxury of time specially now that she has an upcoming teleserye. She spent almost every single day of her holiday vacation with her family, she celebrated christmas and welcomed the brand new year with them in their humble abode. And just recently, she shared a cute boomerang of her and her Dad, Daddy Angel. They are off to somewhere to spend time together. Though their whereabouts are not disclosed, they are for sure off to a place where they can spend some quality time together away from the loud noise at the metro.

Angel Locsin grew up with her father. He is her mentor and her coach. We can definitely say that whoever Angel Locsin is right now, a big part of it was influenced by her Dad and we couldn’t thank him enough for he has raised an Angel, a woman who inspires many and is admired because of her genuine and generous heart more than that of her beautiful face.

Watch the video here: Instagram


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