Saturday, January 5, 2019

Angel Locsin shares her blessings anew!

Angel Locsin has made a name in the industry that needs no further introduction. She is one of the best actresses of her generation and one of the most beautiful faces in the country. Beyond her blinding beauty, she is also well-loved because of her genuine kindness and generosity.

Who could possibly forget the day she visited the war stricken Marawi unannounced? Or that one time she went to Marikina and made rounds to different evacuation centers to distribute hot meals? these are just few of Angel Locsin’s humanitarian acts that touches people’s heart and made them love her even more.

Just recently, Angel Locsin has proved yet again that she is indeed a real life angel, she shared her blessing anew! In the comment’s section of her recent post, a Netizen asked her to buy a bag for Php850. Proceeds will be used to finance hospital bills and all the expenses they incurred during the hospitalization of their baby that is now a little angel in heaven. Angel Locsin expressed her sympathy to the Netizen and though will not be able to buy a bag due to endorsement conflict, she promised to give a donation amounting to 10pcs of the bags the Netizen is selling.

See their full conversation here:

Such act touched people’s hearts. Netizens expressed their gratitude to Angel for living up to her name. She never hesitates to share her blessings to people who are in need.

Angel Locsin has done so much to help the people, we may have not heard all of it as she never brags about it but people who experienced her genuine kindness can’t help but share how Angel touched their lives. Aside from being a blessing to everyone, she’s also setting an example and becoming an inspiration.

The world is definitely a better place with Angel Locsin in it. We need more people like Angel Locsin, someone who’s always willing to help without expecting to receive anything in return.

Source: Instagram (comment section)


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