Monday, January 21, 2019

Angel Locsin, Push celebrity inspiration of the year!

Celebrities are one of the most influential people in the country. They can persuade people into buying a product they are endorsing effortlessly. Their views and opinions about a certain matter do make an impact. As public figures, they also have this unwritten responsibility to be a good example to the people who look up to them.

Angel Locsin is one of the few artists who uses her capability of influencing others into a good cause. She serves as an inspiration because of the causes she support, her beliefs and even the trials in life that she was able to champion. People look up to her because of her strong personality and made her their inspiration of choice. True enough, she just recently received a recognition as “Push Celebrity Inspiration of the Year.” She was honored because of her positive influence towards other people specially to those who look up to her.

Aside from being a great actress, Angel Locsin is also known for the causes she supports. She never fails to instill awareness and encourage people to help even in their own little ways. She really is the best fit to be honored as “Push Celebrity Inspiration of the Year” as she is a celebrity who never fails to inspire people into helping other by setting an example and doing it herself. All these efforts are for sure not just for publicity but because of her genuine intention of sharing her blessings and becoming a blessing to everyone herself. She is an inspiration! She’s one of the celebrities in the industry one should emulate and look up to!

Congratulations Angel! We are truly proud of you!

Source: Twitter


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