Saturday, January 19, 2019

Angel Locsin, magtatayo nga ba ng MANSYON sa bago niyang beach property? Find out here

In a recent Instagram post, Angel Locsin posted a photo of her in the picture-perfect Talisayen Cove expressing her gratitude to her fans and supporters who helped her in realizing her dream and also her father’s. She wrote, “little by little, I’m ALMOST there to fulfill my father’s and now, my dream as well, to have a place where we can spend time as a family while being able to preserve the beauty of nature!☺️ I don’t post stuff like this, but this became possible BECAUSE OF YOU guys so I feel you deserve to know that by giving me a chance in this world, your kindness and love has done wonders to our lives ❤️ Thank you so so much ❤️ I hope #TheGeneralsDaughter would somehow make you happy in return. Excited for our next journey together.”

“Kung nature-lover ka, gusto mong mag-escape sa life, perfect spot [ito],” Angel said in a recent report with PUSH.

Following a recent article about Angel’s new property, Angel revealed in an interview with PUSH that she did recently purchase a beach property in Zambales as a gift to her father who’s always dreamed of having a place near the beach. “Si daddy ang nagsabi sa akin. Hindi ako makapag-no sa tatay ko. Mahilig kasi siya sa mga ganon eh,” she said on the interview.

The General’s Daughter actress also shared that the place is a perfect spot for nature lovers. ‘Kung gusto mo maka-experience ng nature talaga, survival, mga ganyan, walang signal, walang kalye, kailangan mong mag-bangka doon, so kung nature-lover ka, gusto mong mag-escape sa life, perfect spot [ito],’ she stated.

“When asked if she is planning to build a house on this new property, Angel said that she wants to preserve the beauty of the place. ‘I don’t want to develop it. Siguro ano lang, gumawa ng maliit na shelter, na eco-friendly siya, tapos siguro kaunting camping grounds, magtanim ng puno, alagaan ang dagat. Ayaw ko kasing i-disturb ‘yung natural beauty niya eh. Kung bibili ako ng ganito kagandang lugar, I don’t want to damage para lang kumita,’ she shared.”

Source: PUSH


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