Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Angel Locsin —DYOSA na, WONDER WOMAN pa!

Angel Locsin is your no ordinary girl. She is a household name not just for the beauty she holds but also for her acting prowess that made her an ICON both on television series and film. Dubbed as an Action Drama Queen for her unsurpassed and remarkable portrayals, Locsin distinguished herself as a superstar with no equal. And as her star-studded and big-budgeted series, “The General’s Daughter” debuted this week, time and again, she proves that she is indeed the imperial queen of the genre and no one else comes close.

Finally “reporting for duty”, Locsin’s long-anticipated solo teleserye comeback made the loudest noise on primetime, befitting her “Action-Drama Queen” title. Debuted on Monday, the pilot episode gave a taste of what to expect from the series’ run. It’s nothing but high-octane action sequences and profound drama matching its big-star cast and technical scale of production that haven’t been witnessed on TV.

Billed as the “biggest teleserye of 2019”, it’s undeniable that Angel really has wings she need to soar. It’s a huge hit among TV viewers dominating online world and gained high nationwide viewership scoring a double-digit lead. Following the conflicted life of Rhian Bonifacio (Angel Locsin) introduced as Dyosa in action on the pilot episode, it’s compelling to an excessive degree that it creates memes and parodies and now making rounds all over the web.

In fact, Dreamscape Entertainment took to Facebook their entry highlighting Angel Locsin’s first-rate performance that is able to switch from gentle to gangster in split seconds underlining “Find a girl who can do both — Dyosa na, Wonderwoman pa!” It has become an online craze referencing the actress’ fighting skills to the superhero, Wonder Woman, and even ushered into “Darna” discussion which trended on Twitter during its telecast.

Angel Locsin really sets the bar high for action-drama themed teleseryes! Dyosa. Wonder Woman! Queen!

Can’t wait for the next episode! Give this post a thumbs up if you’re also binge-watching!

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