Monday, January 21, 2019

Angel Locsin buwis buhay sa eksena sa The General’s Daughter!

Angel Locsin is known for her shows like Mulawin, Asian Treasures, Darna, Lobo, and Imortal that have one thing in common — Action. All these are action themed teleserye that showcased her talent not just in acting but also her precision in executing the action stunts. Versatility is Angel Locsin’s edge among others, she can do action and also excel in drama like her award-winning MMK episodes, her movies and teleseryes. She’s now dubbed as the Action-Drama Queen because of her excellence both in Drama and Action.

Angel Locsin doesn’t settle for less, she’s willing to do anything just to give us nothing but the best. Just recently, a report from TV patrol circulated online about Angel Locsin and her teleserye The General’s Daughter. Angel Locsin reportedly turned black and blue while taping some of the scenes of the show. Angel Locsin narrated how she almost suffocated because of that scene "Kailangan ko naka-scuba suit tapos naka-mask... so 'pag binasa mo 'yon, walang water na papasok, So the whole time, di ako makahinga hanggang 'yong sa EP ko lumapit sakin... [sabi niya] 'Angel, kulay violet ka na.” Her dedication and passion is what made her one of the best actresses of her generation.

The General’s Daughter is an action-drama themed teleserye and instances like these are inevitable and as a known artist who’s very dedicated to her craft, even though there’s an option for her to use a body double, she’s doing the stunts herself which is truly admirable. Aside from the wounds and bruises, it can also be recalled that she got stung by a jellyfish while taping some underwater scenes. Her dedication and desire to give us nothing but the best is really commendable.

We do hope to have more artist like Angel Locsin who have a keen eye for a great project and who never hesitate to doing anything just to come up with a great show. And while she’s doing all the things that will make the show the best one yet, we are certain that the production team are doing all precautionary steps to ensure her safety.

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