Thursday, January 31, 2019

From an ordinary schoolgirl to a superstar! Find-out how Angel Locsin was discovered!

Angel Locsin or Angelica Colmenares in real-life was once an ordinary schoolgirl who was a part of Philippine swimming team and has no slight idea that she will end up joining showbusiness. At present, she is very well-known because of the characters she portrayed, her advocacies and the causes she supports. Her teleseryes and movies amassed huge success that made her one of the most awarded actresses of her generation earning accolades both locally and internationally. But do you even wonder how Angel Locsin was discovered and made her way to superstardom? Let’s find out!

In her Magandang Buhay special TV guesting, Angel Locsin and the momshies discussed very interesting topics about Angel — childhood to present. One of the discussion was about Angel Locsin’s humble beginnings. From being an ordinary schoolgirl, she has now become the Angel Locsin that everyone is referring to as the Action-Drama Queen. One interesting fact that Angel revealed is that she was discovered at a shopping mall! Yes, you read it right, she was discovered at a shopping mall while doing errands for her father. Angel Locsin, who’s maybe around 14 or 15 years old, with groceries in her hands saw a stranger from a lotto outlet eyeing her, as an initial and normal thing to do, she run away. Unfortunately, or maybe fate has something to do with it, she has to stop running because the grocery items shattered, the stranger who turns out to be a talent scout caught-up to her and offered her to be a commercial model and the rest is history.

After almost 15 years in the industry, Angel Locsin has achieved milestones and made records to beat. Her name screams the word “iconic.” She’s come a long way starting from a little girl who loves swimming and dreamt of helping her family to a superstar who inspires thousands or even millions of people. This is a success story that is worth sharing, this is a success story that should be passed on to generations!

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TGDMagtago: The search is on for 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonifacio!

Last night’s episode yet again proved that The General’s Daughter is one of the best if not the best teleseryes in primetime bida. The actors who were handpicked to play their respective roles are just the perfect fit for the story. They never fail to deliver. Every scene is unpredictable and mind blowing that put their viewers at the edge of their seats or on the verge of crying. The General’s Daughter just doesn’t give the viewers the entertainment they deserve, they are raising the bar high making sure that viewers will be hooked from beginning to end with the quality of story and cinematography they offer.

Last night, Rhian Bonifacio has found out who the traitor was. She relayed the information to Heneral Tiago and as expected, he did not let the traitor pass and ordered Franco to go after the traitor’s life. Franco shot the traitor and is after his pregnant wife, luckily an unknown person came out of nowhere and helped the poor couple. It was Rhian, the goodness within her prevailed and helped the couple, seems like her conscience and her heart are taking over. Rhian, who seems very puzzled with what she wants to do and with what is right or wrong, went back to Barrio Sto. Francisco where Manang Isabelle and Elai resides. Rhian in front of Manang Isabelle has lost her composure and cry uncontrollably in Manang Isabelle’s arms.

Tonight, a continuation of Manang Isabelle and Rhian’s scene is something we shouldn’t miss! We’ll see another side of Rhian Bonifacio — confused, exhausted and frustrated. While Franco and Ethan are frantically looking for her, she decided to stay at Barrio Sto. Francisco and hide for a while.

Can Franco pull a string to find her immediately and bring her back to her furious father? Or will Ethan remember the place where they found Rhian when she got lost at sea? That’s what we should find out!

Watch The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

‪TRENDING: Netizens rave about Rhian Bonifacio’s “breakdown scene” in #TGDHanapin episode!‬

Have you recovered from last night’s episode yet? The General’s Daughter star, Angel Locsin, created a Twitterstorm yet again for her outstanding performance in the last gap’s scene with The Diamond Star Maricel Soriano and it can only be described as perfectly executed drama at its highest expression of craft. Best known not only for her unsurpassed calibre in action, we witnessed THE Angel Locsin who is also notable for her emotional subtlety that is thought-provoking and multilayered.

Standout. Classic. Meritorious.

It probably is one of the most heart-stirring and ground-breaking if not the best in the series’ week-long run and quickly wins the netizens who can’t help but applaud Angel and the whole cast.

“The plot keeps on getting interesting. 'The General's Daugther' is not your typical drama, ang intense! You are truly award-winning @143redangel #TGDHanapin,” shared @pjggulmayo.

“Angel Locsin killed it!  Grabe that breakdown scene #TGDHanapin,” tweeted @LoiRialubin.

Twitter user @TheAzdelMundo, meanwhile, said, “That breakdown scene of @143redangel grabe ang galing! In a matter of seconds daming emosyon ang naramdaman ko. Walang dialogue, mata lang! #TGDHanapin.”

“Iove how beautifully-written Rhian is: complex, rich, the moral strains keep it more grounded and relatable, and at the same time...mystifying! One of the most interesting characters to ever grace PH TV! And Angel Locsin does one hell of a job pulling it off! #TGDHanapin,” @ImNotthatScary commented.

“Si Rhian, all her life, she dedicated it to make Tiago proud of her kahit na mali yung pinapagawa sa kanya. It is probably why she went back to Manang Isabelle kasi dun nya nasaksihan ang kabutihang loob ng ibang tao. And she wanted to remind herself that. #TGDHanapin,” @sorandomchelle also said.

“Grabe yung luha ni @143redangel! Less than 30 seconds then walang linya pero ang daming ibig sabihin. Salute! Ito dapat yung mga napapanood gabi gabi para sulit bayad sa kuryente saka puyat na rin.#TGDHanapin,” said @soarboar.

Just like how Angel always tells everyone, this series would not be extravaganza if it weren’t for the other casts who are equally spectacular.

Twitter user @imalexisrivera commended all the actors and said, “The actors are convincing! Mula kay Angel Locsin hanggang sa lahat ng cast! I even left my phone turned off which I rarely do unless I’m really into the show. Clap clap! #TGDHanapin.”

You can catch up on the previous episodes of The General’s Daughter via iWant TV app downloadable for free!

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#TGDHanapin: This mid-week episode will definitely blow your mind!

The General’s Daughter is giving the viewers a run for their money and their time. Not one episode is dissapointing. As day goes by, scenes are becoming more intense and things are becoming more conflicated specially with Rhian’s mission. As some viewers would say, The General’s Daughter really is the perfect vehicle for Angel Locsin’s comeback. It showcased her exceptional talent in acting and doing action stunts that she’s most lauded for.

Rhian Bonifacio (Angel Locsin), a trained assassin continues on spying at the camp specially over Gen. Marcial de Leon and his family. While doing her mission, she’s getting to know the de Leons deeply specially Corazon. Last night, The General’s Daughter once again has got the viewers at the edge of their seats. Jessie almost caught Rhian eavesdropping on Gen. Marcial while talking to someone over the phone. Someone revealed Heneral Tiago’s whereabouts and the anomaly that his involved with in exchange of one million peso reward. Rhian was able to send a warning to her father who immediately vacate the area and escaped the raid. Because of this, Gen. Marcial and the team had a hunch that someone is indeed spying on them. Jessie on the other hand is continuously giving Rhian side glances and starting to doubt Rhian’s personality and intentions.

Tonight, this mid-week episode will definitely make you hold your breath! Rhian may or may not be caught spying at the camp. Rhian continues her mission to please Heneral Tiago. Will Rhian succeed in fulfilling her mission this time? Or is this yet another fail for her? We still don’t know what the future holds for Rhian so watch out and don’t forget to tune in weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the full teaser here:

#TGDNaisahan wows viewers, tops the list of Twitter trending topics!

Plot twists and intriguing narratives thrive on “The General’s Daughter week-long run, focusing on the deadlock between the two sparring generals, General Marcial and Heneral Tiago and their collateral damages. Their long-running feud continues to rivetingly depicts the life of Angel Locsin’s well portrayed character, Rhian Bonifacio, whose heart is starting to remember her true identity as she gets near the De Leons, her real family she’s sworn to destroy.

Last night’s episode was a hit among viewers and once again dominated the list of trending topics, earning thousands of tweets from netizens.

The avid fans of the series were indelibly marked and moved by the strong but untold blood ties between Corazon (Eula Valdez) and Rhian (Angel) as fate made their paths cross. Many appreciates how the show lifts up family angle in every episode despite its complexities and contradictions.

“The bond between Rhian and Corazon is strong and heartfelt. #TGDNaisahan,” Twitter user @DoYourBestNY88 said.

“Ang gaan gaan sa loob kapag sina Rhian at Corazon ang magkasama, kumakalma yung puso ko, ramdam na ramdam yung koneksyon nila kahit simple lang naman ang eksena, ang huhusay @143redangel @iamEulaValdez @DreamscapePH @ericjohnsalut @teamangelph

Angel Locsin #TGDNaisahan,” another Twitter user @mygel_teamangel related.

“Very believable when Rhian shows duplexity! From good to bad, bad to good in a snap. Sobrang bagay talaga kay Angel Locsin ang morally-gray characters. Take notes from her, newbs! #TGDNaisahan,” @__geeyuh tweeted.

While the protagonists always are the most talked about, its not the case for this action drama series which maintains a great balance of unpredictability and perfect pacing.

“Ang husay din talaga ni @iamryzacenon nakakabadtrip yung role nya..haha! ang talas tumingin eh tagos. #TGDNaisahan,”said @Stalkerka18

“Tirso Cruz III IS FLAWLESS as Heneral Tiago. He is creepy because he plays on to his people’s good side. He is absolutely a kind boss but in his bigger picture, everyone is just a pawn. Tirso plays him with humor, panache, bravado, and raging emotion. #TGDNaisahan,” raved the Twitter user @AltheyuhMoves.

The episode concluded with four trending topics such as #TGDNaisahan, “Rhian,” “Jessie,” and “tiago.”

You may catch up on The General’s Daughter previous episodes on iWant TV. Download now for free!

Watch Highlights here:

Corazon opens up about her child to Rhian!

Rhian informs Tiago about the raid!