Monday, December 31, 2018

WATCH: Cute video of Angel Locsin addicted to TEMPLE RUN!

Online games or game applications can really be addictive. If you are an adrenaline junkie type of person, you could really get lost in playing them. Not only you’ll have a blast, you’re gonna give your brain cells, skills, and general well-being a huge boost and fun time.

And like normal people, despite their busy work schedule, celebrities do get to play online games too! Some of them are playing to kill boredom, to stay awake on wee hours of taping or guesting or they just feel like playing it because it’s a trend. Whatever it is, it’s really cute to see them also get addicted just like the most of us.

One of the game apps that took us by storm was TEMPLE RUN. It’s a 3D endless running video game that dominated in 2011. It was initially released in IOS devices and later ported to Android and Windows systems. On this game, the player can swipe left or right to move the character to either side of the screen to collect coins and/or avoid obstacles while the character is running. The goal is to just run and score as high as possible.

On a vlog shared by K Brosas on her Youtube Channel, Angel Locsin can be seen so busy bee playing on her tablet as if she’s behind wheels. It was during the set of their blockbuster film, Unofficially Yours, directed by Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina and with John Lloyd Cruz. K Brosas, wittily promoting the upcoming release of their movie, captured this cute video of Angel playing Temple Run. On the first part of the video, K greeted and introduced Angel who said hi back and “Kapapatay ko lang” pertaining to her character in the game. Undistracted, Angel continued playing while K was trying to pull off her gag. She was so into it that K wished for her character to die already so she could go on with the interview. When Angel finally took her eyes off her tablet, instead of K being in control of the interview as planned, Angel went too personal turned the table on K by asking “Nagtext back na ba?” I guess K didn’t see it coming and wouldn’t be in the spotlight if only she didn’t break Angel’s momentum playing Temple Run. K tried her best to get away from the hot seat cracking everyone up!

Did you also get addicted to Temple Run? This goofy side of Angel will surely make you smile! Watch the full video here:

Source: YouTube


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