Monday, December 31, 2018

WATCH: Cute and Amazing hidden talent of Angel Locsin!

A lot of people has a unique skills and talent. You won't believe that our very own Ms. Angel Locsin possess a hidden talent that is one of a kind. She's known doing different stunts and actions scenes in some of her television series. And we will all agree for the fact that Ms. Angel is filled with so much talent. Her acting skills are always on the top. She's actually a multi-talented person...she can act, sing, dance, host, we even saw her talent in rapping. Angel is a person who can almost do anything and everything at her best. People loved her because aside from being great to her chosen craft, she's very kind, loving and generous on and off cam. But aside from these, one of the reason why others liked her is all about her bubbly and jolly personality. In fact others specially her fans consider her as their happy pill.

This is what a certain instagram user who goes by the name @xierxian07 recently shared...she took her instagram to repost a cute video of Ms. Angel Locsin with the caption " Eh yung gusto kong tumawa.. miss ko na Happy Pill ko. Sana may pa ganito ulit, Ang kyoot mo kainis" as of this writing the video has 4,368 views and 85 likes. In the said video Angel was seen being delighted to share her hidden talent.. It's amazing that she can actually reach the tip of her nose using her tongue. She looks so happy upon recording this video and actually put a caption "Anong hindi abot ate @jd_ching?!?" It seems that it started as a dare and eventually she made it, such a funny act! It is remembered that it went viral when this video was posted originally by Angel herself in her own instagram account. A lot of people were delighted by her cuteness and they got amazed because not everyone can do it. The instagram user expressed how she considered Ms. Angel as her happy pill, meaning someone who really gave her happiness even in a simple way. She even said that she's hoping to see another cute video like this.

For sure everyone who have seen this video were amused by this adorable and amazing talent of Ms. Angel Locsin.

Have you tried doing it? Do you have the same talent like her? We would love to hear it from you. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Instagram


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