Sunday, December 30, 2018

VIDEO: MYCHOS presents Angel Locsin sa Gandang Gabi Vice!

“Love is perfect BUT LOVERS ARE NOT. How can something so right SEEM WRONG? How can something so wrong SEEM RIGHT? Love knows NO RIGHT OR WRONG. BUT LOVERS KNOW... Love has consequences. A unique love story of selflessness and sacrifice. True love is selfless. True love is WORTH... One More Try.”

These are the heart-stirring lines on the official trailer of One More Try, an award-winning film by Director Ruel S. Bayani starring Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin. It was one of the 8 official entries to the 2012 Manila Film Festival produced by Star Cinema, a certified blockbuster hit which earned numerous accolades in different award-winning bodies!

With the success of its compelling story and top-notched performances, it was lined up on the shelf of the Best Local Films that would be remembered for generations! Looking back to how this masterpiece was created, promoted and applauded is always a joy and a pride to be taken. Indeed, one of the greatest local films of all time!

As we look back, here are the other throat-lumping lines from the movie that took us by storm: 

“Kahit isang gabi lang pahiram ng asawa mo.”

“Mahal kita pero mas mahal ko ang anak ko.”

“Ang pera naten hindi basta basta nauubos pero ang pasensya ko konting konti nalang.”

We also have here a throwback footage of Angel Locsin’s guesting on GGV shared by the Entertainment media MYCHOS on Youtube which has been getting a buzz out of the reenactment of a dramatic scene from the movie, One More Try. Vice Ganda called out a few volunteers from the audience to do the scene with Angel, reenacting the heavy dramatic line “Minahal mo ba talaga ako o ginawa mo lang akong panakip butas” delivered by Zanjoe Marudo in the movie. To break the ice, Angel gamely did the stint with some twists backed up by Vice Ganda’s instant running jokes that cracked the audience up!

This is a proof that Angel Locsin’s acting caliber is not limited to eye-leaking heavy dramas! She has this funny side that is always a joy to watch! As of this writing, the video already garnered 319K views!

Did you also have fun watching the video? Comment your thoughts below!

 Source: Youtube


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