Monday, December 31, 2018

Trending Topics: Angel Locsin and #MMKRobbedMotherhoodV2

The critically acclaimed MMK episode entitled Kotse-kotsehan that was initially aired last May of 2017 was replayed last saturday night. It was topbilled by Angel Locsin and with her are Jane Oineza and Dimples Romana. It is the second version of the story based on Samina/Roma Tarub, Angel Locsin’s character’s point of view.

As we all can remember, when the episode initially aired almost two years ago, it trended not just nationwide but it also became a worldwide trend. And the said episode just did it again! Though it was already a replay, Netizens can’t help but get hooked to it. Viewers are still amazed on how great Angel Locsin did in her portrayal, making the official hashtag, #MMKRobbedMotherhoodV2 trending nationwide on top spot! Not only that, “Angel Locsin” herself was also a trending topic that night! This only reflects the number of people who watched, waited and touched by the story and how amazed they were with Angel Locsin!

Truly this story can be considered as one of the best of not the best episodes ever created. Viewers’ sympathy goes out to Samina who does nothing but to take good care of the lost child and her sister Aisah and their admiration goes out to Angel Locsin who portrayed the character really well and her co-stars who breathe life to the story as if they were the ones who experienced it first-hand.

This critically acclaimed MMK episode just achieved greater heights as this was recognized as the Best Single Drama at the recently concluded Asian Academy Creaive Awards! Angel Locsin who also gained praises for her portrayal bagged not just one, not two but five best actress awards in this single MMK episode!

Have you seen this award-winning episode? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment’s section below!

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