Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Action Drama Queen is set to be back on Primetime!

After ABS-CBN has confirmed that Ms. Angel Locsin will be making a comeback on television through her upcoming teleserye which entitled "The General's Daughter it already became the most talked about topic online. A lot of updates went viral that made everyone excited. And before they started filming for the scenes, Angel and other co-stars went into several intense trainings, and sessions which includes knife handling, gun firing and self-defense in preparation for their roles. Some photos and videos of their training were also shared by Angel herself in her instagram account.

While everyone of us knew that she loves doing fight scenes and other intense action scenes and as much as we are all excited we can't help but to worry about her health condition considering that previously she suffered from a spine injury back in 2015.

On twitter, @inquirerdotnet shared their interview with Angel regarding her upcoming teleserye and if it is really safe for her  to do action scenes again. They tweeted "Angel Locsin to star in an Action teleserye despite of spinal injury."

In the interview of  Angel said that she is very excited that this particular genre is returning...we can remembered that this is where she started her career doing action-adventure TV series.

When asked about her safety with regards to her health condition Angel said that her health never became an issue while making this TV project. " We're very careful with the execution of all the scenes. Of course, I can no longer do what I used to do, so i take extra precautions. To make sure my body is ready for the next taping day, I go to my PT (physical therapist) the night before. I also apply cold compress after we  shoot difficult scene."

Last  November 27, 2018 Angel Locsin together with the  cast of The General's Daughter joins the #KapamilyaChristmasTradeEvent at PICC. The network presented them to the advertisers who grace the star studded event as one of the newest kapamilya shows for 2019.

Aside from the excitement that we feel that our Action Drama Queen is ready for her comeback it's nice to know that Angel is very much healthy doing this teleserye.

2019 is fast approaching and as much as we are all excited all we can do is just wait because our Action Drama Queen Angel Locsin is now ready to conquer our evening with another Iconic character that she's going to portray, so watch out everyone!

Read the full interview in this link and share it to us how excited you are to see her again on Primetime Bida.

Source: Twitter


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