Saturday, December 29, 2018

Netizens laud Angel Locsin for her performance in MMK Kotse-kotsehan!

May of 2017, Angel Locsin breathe life to the real life story of a loving mother who have no intention but to help a lost child. She treated the boy as her own, fed him, clothe him and give him unconditional love — a mother’s love. The said episode became a trending topic worldwide and nationwide the forst time it was aired! And just recently, it was recognized as the Best Single Drama in Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Last night, the MMK Kotse-kotsehan was replayed due to insistent public demand and Angel Locsin and other cast made it again! Angel Locsin has gained nothing but praises on how great her portrayal was. Netizens took on to twitter and expressed how amazed they were with Angel Locsin’s portrayal. One Netizen was able to point out how Angel Locsin vanishes into her character and transforms into the role she’s portraying. She was able to completely let the viewers feel that what they’re watching is Samina/Roma Tarub and not the actress Angel Locsin who’s given a script to act it out. What the Netizens laud more about this portrayal is how Angel managed to mirror people of Maranao’s accent that is very different from her native tounge. The netizens laud how effective Angel Locsin’s portrayal was that though they have watched the episode the first time it was aired, they can’t still help but shed a tear whenever Angel Locsin’s character does.

You can never really go wrong with an Angel Locsin starrer show whether it be a movie, a teleserye or a single MMK episode. Her portrayal as Saminah/ Roma Tarub earned her not just one, not two, but five best actress awards in just a single performance. She won the 1st Gawad Lasallianeta’s Most Outstanding TV Actress, 7th Edukcircle Awards’ Best Single Performance by an Actress, 2nd GEMS’ Best Actress in a Single Performance, 26th KBP Golden Dove Awards’ Best Actress in Drama and 16th Gawad Tanglaw’s Best Actress in a Single Performance.

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