Saturday, December 29, 2018

Must watch: Few more happenings from the Christmas party hosted by Angel Locsin and Neil Arce

Christmas is really the best time to celebrate, have fun and enjoy. It is also the best time to reunite with family and friends after having a busy schedule for the whole year. That's the reason why Christmas holidays became a party season for everyone.

This is what Angel Locsin did during this holiday season. After spending Chrismas eve and Christmas day with her family, Angel and her beau Neil Arce hosted a get together party with their closest friends. It is not a secret that Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are good friends even before they officially became a couple. And because of this they almost have the same circle of friends.

The couple was reunited with their friends Bubbles Paraiso, Paolo Paraiso, Ehra Madrigal, Chito Miranda who are called as “The Vamps” and it seems that they really had fun celebrating Christmas together. The couple prepared foods, drinks for everybody and of course a lots of exciting games and surprises for their friends.

Some of their closest friends in the industry also attended the party like Dimples Romana and her family, Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez, Marco Gumabao, Patrick Sugui and some of their non-showbiz friends.

An instagram user who goes by the name @myangel_locsin shared videos of them originally posted by @bubblesparaiso on her IG story. As we watch the video everyone are having fun playing BINGO, and the couple even set up a prank to make the party more fun and exciting.

Neil and Angel really did a good job on having them all in a night full of laughter and best memories because it is not always that they can spend time with their closest friends. Everything became possible because of the generosity and thoughtfulness of this lovebirds. Truly, they are the kind of friends that probably we all wanted to have!

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Source: Instagram


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