Monday, December 31, 2018

Must Watch! Angel Locsin in one of her jaw-dropping action scene in IMORTAL!

Eversince Angel Locsin started her showbiz career, she has been proving to everyone that she's more than just a pretty face but indeed a great artist on her chosen craft. Who would have thought that a lady like her who looks so captivating and angelic can do more than a dramatic and comedy roles as an actress. She can actually do impressive and jaw dropping stunts and fight scenes that usually a male action star can do.

In fact, before Angel Locsin started to be one of the most sought after leading ladies in the industry, she was known in her excellence for pulling of great action stunts and fight scenes in her previous television series such us Mulawin, Asian Treasure and her phenomenal portrayal of the superheroine Darna followed by her remarkable performance in ABS-CBN tv series LOBO and IMORTAL. Given the skills and her dedication in pulling off those action stunts Angel Locsin has been dubbed as The Philippine Action Drama Queen. Everyone believes that she really deserves the title. And even after she starred on a heavy dramatic roles or shows off her funny side on different roles that she did in movies and on tv... people still remember those action stunts that she did before.

Just recently a twitter account who goes by the name @angelique_TeamAngel reposted a scene of Angel in the tv series Imortal with the caption "Action-Drama Queen" @143redangel it was the scene where Lia (Angel's character in IMORTAL) was being trained and ask by her uncle to show her ability to transform into a human werewolf and Angel as Lia shows off her breath-taking excellence in doing her action stunts.
And now everyone is excited to her much awaited comeback on primetime for her new series The General's Daughter. We can expect another iconic and remarkable portrayal from the one and only Action Drama Queen Ms. Angel Locsin.

Are you excited to see her doing fight scenes again in her upcoming series The General's Daughter? Share your thoughts to us by commenting below.

Source: Twitter


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