Monday, December 31, 2018

Angel Locsin’s New Year’s Eve!

Angel Locsin spent her New Year last 2018 in Korea with her family and this year is a little different for she welcomed the coming year in her humble abode. Angel, through her IG stories, let her followers have a glimpse on how they celebrated New Year’s Eve.

To welcome the coming year, we Filipinos really do make time to prepare for New Year’s eve dinner or what we call Media Noche. That one busy evening to celebrate all the things that happened for the past year whether it be good or bad and praying for a great future ahead. We are also keen to following traditions specially during New Year’s Eve, what to wear, foods to prepare and even the fruits that we should buy and lay on our table.

Well, Angel Locsin did not stick to the norms and went a little extra, aside from all the staple foods that’s always on the Media Noche menu, what’s unique in her menu list were some of the popular Filipino streetfoods like fishballs, kwek-kwek and ice scramble! It is a known fact that Angel loves streetfoods and it is just fun to know that she was able to incorporate all these in celebrating and welcoming the brand new year. She’s also with her family that night and they for sure did had a lot of fun that filled the entire home with tons of laughters and cheers.

Happy New Year everyone! As our 2018 closes, it is the best time for all of us to start fresh, energized and rejuvenated and look forward to what 2019 has in store for us with positive minds! 2019 is definitely a year we should look forward to. Any time soon, The General’s Daughter will premiere and we’ll once again witness a masterpiece! Hoping nothing but the best for Angel and all her future endeavours.

Watch the video here: Instagram


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