Friday, December 28, 2018

Angel Locsin's highly-acclaimed performance in MMK Kotse-Kotsehan episode wins another award...

We Filipinos are known for being an avid fan of teleserye, movies, or any show that deals about life and family. And probably most of us is an avid viewer of ABS-CBN's longest running Drama Anthology MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) Who would not remember the episode that made everyone into tears and intense emotion, the Kotse-kotsehan episode that became prominent because of the excellent and remarkable portrayal of the Award-winning and Versatile Actress Ms. Angel Locsin together with Ms. Dimples Romana and Jane Onieza.

The MMK episode Kotse-kotsehan revealed the story of how the motherhood of another woman was robbed by a woman with nothing but pure concern. The thing is, this concern and sincerity led her to a tragic destiny that affected not only her life, but the lives of her family.

This MMK episode did not only allow Angel Locsin, Dimples Romana, and Jane Oineza to tell the story of two different moms but it also allowed these actresses to show off their impressive acting skills that made them gain recognition from different award-giving bodies.

Angel Locsin already gained numerous awards in portraying the role of Samina/Roma Tarub. Angel's deep understanding and close connection to her character made her portrayal riveting and believable, even the Lanao accent sounds natural. It seems that her excellent performance will not stop in gaining more recognitions and awards. Because last  December 6, 2018 ABS-CBN News posted  about the good news...they wrote :

MANILA - ABS-CBN's longest-running drama anthology "Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK)" made history after winning Best Single Drama/Telemovie at the inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards in Singapore on Thursday, December 6.

The show’s winning entry is "Kotse-Kotsehan (Toy Car)," a special two-part episode of "MMK" which depicted the two perspectives of a mother’s love for her children, and topbilled by award-winning actress Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana.

"MMK" business unit head Roda dela Cerna accepted the award which she shared with the "two mothers who entrusted their life stories to MMK."

She also thanked the men and women behind the multi-awarded drama anthology.

The Asian Academy Creative Awards is being held at the 2018 Singapore Media Festival (SMF) and was created to "celebrate the best of Asian storytelling" and aims "to serve the creative industries as the pinnacle of their achievement in content creation and media production."

Congratulations Ms. Angel Locsin, to your co-stars and to the people who work hard and dedicate all their effort to made this recognition possible.

And now, due to insistent public demand we can watch the replay of this award-winning mmk episode of Ms. Angel Locsin tonight at 8:30pm

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Source: ABS-CBN


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