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Angel Locsin’s New Year’s Eve!

Angel Locsin spent her New Year last 2018 in Korea with her family and this year is a little different for she welcomed the coming year in her humble abode. Angel, through her IG stories, let her followers have a glimpse on how they celebrated New Year’s Eve.

To welcome the coming year, we Filipinos really do make time to prepare for New Year’s eve dinner or what we call Media Noche. That one busy evening to celebrate all the things that happened for the past year whether it be good or bad and praying for a great future ahead. We are also keen to following traditions specially during New Year’s Eve, what to wear, foods to prepare and even the fruits that we should buy and lay on our table.

Well, Angel Locsin did not stick to the norms and went a little extra, aside from all the staple foods that’s always on the Media Noche menu, what’s unique in her menu list were some of the popular Filipino streetfoods like fishballs, kwek-kwek and ice scramble! It is a known fact that Angel loves streetfoods and it is just fun to know that she was able to incorporate all these in celebrating and welcoming the brand new year. She’s also with her family that night and they for sure did had a lot of fun that filled the entire home with tons of laughters and cheers.

Happy New Year everyone! As our 2018 closes, it is the best time for all of us to start fresh, energized and rejuvenated and look forward to what 2019 has in store for us with positive minds! 2019 is definitely a year we should look forward to. Any time soon, The General’s Daughter will premiere and we’ll once again witness a masterpiece! Hoping nothing but the best for Angel and all her future endeavours.

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Labanang Angel Locsin at Coco Martin, whose side are you on, Team Angel or Team Coco?

Angel Locsin and Coco Martin are two of the biggest names in ABS-CBN Network. Both have impressive and unmatched portfolio of achievements from their various roles in different genres warranting them the plaudits and respect they receive for their artistry and passion.

And a back to back explosive from the Primetime King, Coco Martin’s FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and Action-Drama Queen Angel Locsin’s The General’s Daughter is set to change the course of primetime and our tv viewing habit in 2019! Fans really can’t wait and some literally want to skip to 2019 already for this biggest slate of primetime upcoming shows!

While waiting for the TV air date of Angel Locsin’s grand primetime comeback, Angel and Coco came together for a new and exciting TV commercial of Mang Inasal as a Christmas treat to fans before taking a time off for holidays. To give us a peek, Mang Inasal uploaded a short video of the commercial and now circulating all over the news feed. This face off of Angel Locsin and Coco Martin gives us thrills and chills with the tagline “Labanan ng Samahan” that we will all witness on National Television on New Year’s Day!

TeamAngelPH took the short video to Instagram with the caption, “#Team Coco o #TeamAngel? Kanino ka kakampi? Alamin kung sino ang magwawagi sa January 1, 2019 na ❤️.” The video drew 1,441 views as of press time.

Filipinos have been part of Mang Inasal’s journey to 500 stores that just happened this year. With its offerings of great-tasting food, the restaurant chain quickly won the hearts of many individuals and families just like Coco and Angel, and has established itself as the go-to place where everyone can comfortably enjoy their favorite meals. Coco and Angel join in full force on this fun journey through the years and also share how they like to savor their Mang Inasal meals.

On a similar video, Coco and Angel guarantee that what they have in store for us is fun-filled and delectable and welcome everyone from all walks of life to Mang Inasal family and join in the “Samahang Solb!”

This is definitely something to watch out for!

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Trending Topics: Angel Locsin and #MMKRobbedMotherhoodV2

The critically acclaimed MMK episode entitled Kotse-kotsehan that was initially aired last May of 2017 was replayed last saturday night. It was topbilled by Angel Locsin and with her are Jane Oineza and Dimples Romana. It is the second version of the story based on Samina/Roma Tarub, Angel Locsin’s character’s point of view.

As we all can remember, when the episode initially aired almost two years ago, it trended not just nationwide but it also became a worldwide trend. And the said episode just did it again! Though it was already a replay, Netizens can’t help but get hooked to it. Viewers are still amazed on how great Angel Locsin did in her portrayal, making the official hashtag, #MMKRobbedMotherhoodV2 trending nationwide on top spot! Not only that, “Angel Locsin” herself was also a trending topic that night! This only reflects the number of people who watched, waited and touched by the story and how amazed they were with Angel Locsin!

Truly this story can be considered as one of the best of not the best episodes ever created. Viewers’ sympathy goes out to Samina who does nothing but to take good care of the lost child and her sister Aisah and their admiration goes out to Angel Locsin who portrayed the character really well and her co-stars who breathe life to the story as if they were the ones who experienced it first-hand.

This critically acclaimed MMK episode just achieved greater heights as this was recognized as the Best Single Drama at the recently concluded Asian Academy Creaive Awards! Angel Locsin who also gained praises for her portrayal bagged not just one, not two but five best actress awards in this single MMK episode!

Have you seen this award-winning episode? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment’s section below!

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Must Watch! Angel Locsin in one of her jaw-dropping action scene in IMORTAL!

Eversince Angel Locsin started her showbiz career, she has been proving to everyone that she's more than just a pretty face but indeed a great artist on her chosen craft. Who would have thought that a lady like her who looks so captivating and angelic can do more than a dramatic and comedy roles as an actress. She can actually do impressive and jaw dropping stunts and fight scenes that usually a male action star can do.

In fact, before Angel Locsin started to be one of the most sought after leading ladies in the industry, she was known in her excellence for pulling of great action stunts and fight scenes in her previous television series such us Mulawin, Asian Treasure and her phenomenal portrayal of the superheroine Darna followed by her remarkable performance in ABS-CBN tv series LOBO and IMORTAL. Given the skills and her dedication in pulling off those action stunts Angel Locsin has been dubbed as The Philippine Action Drama Queen. Everyone believes that she really deserves the title. And even after she starred on a heavy dramatic roles or shows off her funny side on different roles that she did in movies and on tv... people still remember those action stunts that she did before.

Just recently a twitter account who goes by the name @angelique_TeamAngel reposted a scene of Angel in the tv series Imortal with the caption "Action-Drama Queen" @143redangel it was the scene where Lia (Angel's character in IMORTAL) was being trained and ask by her uncle to show her ability to transform into a human werewolf and Angel as Lia shows off her breath-taking excellence in doing her action stunts.
And now everyone is excited to her much awaited comeback on primetime for her new series The General's Daughter. We can expect another iconic and remarkable portrayal from the one and only Action Drama Queen Ms. Angel Locsin.

Are you excited to see her doing fight scenes again in her upcoming series The General's Daughter? Share your thoughts to us by commenting below.

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WATCH: Cute and Amazing hidden talent of Angel Locsin!

A lot of people has a unique skills and talent. You won't believe that our very own Ms. Angel Locsin possess a hidden talent that is one of a kind. She's known doing different stunts and actions scenes in some of her television series. And we will all agree for the fact that Ms. Angel is filled with so much talent. Her acting skills are always on the top. She's actually a multi-talented person...she can act, sing, dance, host, we even saw her talent in rapping. Angel is a person who can almost do anything and everything at her best. People loved her because aside from being great to her chosen craft, she's very kind, loving and generous on and off cam. But aside from these, one of the reason why others liked her is all about her bubbly and jolly personality. In fact others specially her fans consider her as their happy pill.

This is what a certain instagram user who goes by the name @xierxian07 recently shared...she took her instagram to repost a cute video of Ms. Angel Locsin with the caption " Eh yung gusto kong tumawa.. miss ko na Happy Pill ko. Sana may pa ganito ulit, Ang kyoot mo kainis" as of this writing the video has 4,368 views and 85 likes. In the said video Angel was seen being delighted to share her hidden talent.. It's amazing that she can actually reach the tip of her nose using her tongue. She looks so happy upon recording this video and actually put a caption "Anong hindi abot ate @jd_ching?!?" It seems that it started as a dare and eventually she made it, such a funny act! It is remembered that it went viral when this video was posted originally by Angel herself in her own instagram account. A lot of people were delighted by her cuteness and they got amazed because not everyone can do it. The instagram user expressed how she considered Ms. Angel as her happy pill, meaning someone who really gave her happiness even in a simple way. She even said that she's hoping to see another cute video like this.

For sure everyone who have seen this video were amused by this adorable and amazing talent of Ms. Angel Locsin.

Have you tried doing it? Do you have the same talent like her? We would love to hear it from you. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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A fan who was truly overwhelmed upon meeting Angel Locsin can’t help but cry!

At least once in our lifetime, we had that moment picturing ourselves meeting someone we admire the most. Imagining what it’s like to be with them in the same room, breathing the same air. But what if it suddenly becomes a reality? That all of a sudden the person you once wished to meet is already right in front of you? It sure is a dream come true!

The chance of meeting someone in Angel Locsin’s stature is probably one in a million. She’s either mobbed by fans or guarded by tons of marshals stopping people to come near her thus having the chance to get close to her can be quite overwhelming just like what “@realynbergado” on Instagram felt on that one unforgettable day. It all happened at the premiere night of the movie “Last Night”. Angel Locsin attended the premiere night in full support to her good friends Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual who topbilled the movie and her now beau, Mr. Neil Arce who’s one of those who conceptualize and co-produced it.

In the video posted by the user “@therealangelstan” on instagram, we can hear Angel’s concern to a fan who’s crying right in front of her. Of course we all know that it was not because of sadness but because of that overwhelming feeling and extreme happiness that finally, the person whom she admired and dreamt of meeting is already right in front of her.

The post was then captioned — “That overwhelming feeling that you can’t just hold back your tears because you met a real life Angel, she basically represents all of us. ©️ Lyka Ortega on FB #Throwback #AngelLocsin”

We can really say that this fan represents most of the people who are dreaming to have the same exact experience! Meeting Angel Locsin could possibly be one of the most unforgettable moments on someone’s life!

Have you met Angel Locsin in person? How was the experience? Share in the comments below!

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WATCH: Cute video of Angel Locsin addicted to TEMPLE RUN!

Online games or game applications can really be addictive. If you are an adrenaline junkie type of person, you could really get lost in playing them. Not only you’ll have a blast, you’re gonna give your brain cells, skills, and general well-being a huge boost and fun time.

And like normal people, despite their busy work schedule, celebrities do get to play online games too! Some of them are playing to kill boredom, to stay awake on wee hours of taping or guesting or they just feel like playing it because it’s a trend. Whatever it is, it’s really cute to see them also get addicted just like the most of us.

One of the game apps that took us by storm was TEMPLE RUN. It’s a 3D endless running video game that dominated in 2011. It was initially released in IOS devices and later ported to Android and Windows systems. On this game, the player can swipe left or right to move the character to either side of the screen to collect coins and/or avoid obstacles while the character is running. The goal is to just run and score as high as possible.

On a vlog shared by K Brosas on her Youtube Channel, Angel Locsin can be seen so busy bee playing on her tablet as if she’s behind wheels. It was during the set of their blockbuster film, Unofficially Yours, directed by Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina and with John Lloyd Cruz. K Brosas, wittily promoting the upcoming release of their movie, captured this cute video of Angel playing Temple Run. On the first part of the video, K greeted and introduced Angel who said hi back and “Kapapatay ko lang” pertaining to her character in the game. Undistracted, Angel continued playing while K was trying to pull off her gag. She was so into it that K wished for her character to die already so she could go on with the interview. When Angel finally took her eyes off her tablet, instead of K being in control of the interview as planned, Angel went too personal turned the table on K by asking “Nagtext back na ba?” I guess K didn’t see it coming and wouldn’t be in the spotlight if only she didn’t break Angel’s momentum playing Temple Run. K tried her best to get away from the hot seat cracking everyone up!

Did you also get addicted to Temple Run? This goofy side of Angel will surely make you smile! Watch the full video here:

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TODAMAX DAYS: Angel Locsin dances to “Pearly Shell”

Who hasn't gotten lost in an upbeat song? It won’t really require someone to be a dancer because we all move to the beat like some kind of reflex. It’s not actually rocket science that dancing is just our normal response to music. Dancing helps release endorphins, or the so called “happy hormones” that’s why when the music’s turned up, we can’t help but groove in. 

Dance music is the term specifically coined for music that facilitate or accompany dancing. For generations, there have been numerous of songs that’s been made a dance craze that moving in sync with it would really be ineluctable. One of which is the hawaiian song, Pearly Shell that came in to fame in the 70s up to the 90s. It has a cheerful, unaccented beat that could really sway your hips, make you snap your fingers and tap the ground. Also, when you think of a hula dance (Hawaiian dance), Pearly Shell is the first that comes to mind.

And just as how everyone gets lost in its beat, multi-talented actress, Angel Locsin, is no exception. In fact, there is a throwback video shared by Youtuber angelofmine where Isabel Padausdos (Angel’s name in Todamax) dances the Pearly Shell like a pro! Practice not needed, it seems like Angel pretty knows how to hula and Tatay Mac (Al Tantay) is also dancing to his own beat! This father and daughter bonding is so heartwarming and a beauty to watch that you would find yourself also beating the rhythm.

What can you say about Angel’s hula dance? Cute, isn’t it? Share us your thoughts and comment below!

TodaMax is a Philippine situational comedy series on ABS-CBN from November 5, 2011 to November 16, 2013. This was a weekly sitcom starring Robin Padilla, Pokwang, Vhong Navarro and Angel Locsin.

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“Nakakaloka!” - Angel Locsin to her kalokalike.

Two time FHM’s sexiest, landed on the list of the most beautiful women countless times and one of the most followed celebrities, these are just few reasons why one would wish to be like Angel Locsin.

As what Charles Caleb Colton said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Imitating someone can be considered as giving an indirect compliment. True enough, Angel Locsin being one of the most admired personalities in the industry has her fair share of impersonators who play around imitating her voice and the way she talks.

In a segment called Kalokalike on ABS-CBN’s noontime show It’s showtime, not only that contestants are required to imitate a celebrity, they should look like them too! And one of its hopefuls was Sienna Kim Paras, dubbed as the Angel Locsin of Quezon City. In one of her interviews, she stated that people always point out that their eyes kind of resembles. Other interesting fact she shared was that she had mastered copying the way Angel smiles.

For their grand finals, Its showtime team step up their game and asked the celebrity each contestants are impersonating to give a short message for the finalists. Angel Locsin extends her message to Sienna Kim and congratulate her for making it to the grand finals. “Ikaw Na! Ikaw na ang ultimate Kalokalike! Nakakaloka!” she exclaimed.

Sienna Kim aka Angel Locsin impressed the judges and the audience when she performed a “Darna” inspired number for her bid to the grand finals and for a chance to take home the most coveted prize of Php 300, 000.

Though only few are blessed to somehow resembles Angel Locsin’s beauty, its her character everyone can easily and should emulate. As we all know, she has the kindest and most genuine heart that never fails to reach out to people.

Do you think they really look alike? Share your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below.

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LOOK: Angel Locsin and Iñigo Pascual throwback pictures together!

An imperial queen of ACTION and DRAMA, a woman of character that swayed the viewers with her various in Philippine movies and television industry as she was described by an online media group, Angel Locsin is really a household name that will be remembered for generations. What she has accomplished as an artist, to be lined up on the shelf of history makers, is every aspiring actors ultimate dream. Celebrities come and go but Angel Locsin is a name that is set on stone and will surely stay big in the same veins as the other highly acclaimed artists in the local entertainment industry.

When Angel transferred to ABS-CBN network, one of her first big projects was the movie, Love Me Again and fantaserye, LOBO where she got to work with none other than, Piolo Pascual. In fact, LOBO soared high enough that it was recognized internationally in the prestige Emmy Awards and Banff World Media Festival. While they’re working together on these projects, Piolo was bringing his son, Iñigo Dominic Pascual, with him in some of his events. Iñigo was only 11 years old at that time. 10 years later, who would have thought that this curious and innocent young man back then is now this generations’ multi-talented hitmaker, chasing success and making a name for himself just like his dad, Angel and other great artists before him. He’s the actor, singer songwriter who wrote, sang and popularized the hit single “Dahil Sayo”, the first number one song on Billboard Philippines. In fact, a 10 year-old photo of Angel, Piolo and Iñigo together was recently re-uploaded on Instagram by a user that goes by the name @xierxian07 as a throwback entry. On the second photo was just Angel and Iñigo on the noontime variety show, Showtime, way back 2014! Angel’s looking so happy and proud of what a man Iñigo has become. How time really flies! The post already has 82 likes as of this writing and its caption went:

“Grabe ang bilis ng panahon! Dati kasa-kasama lang si Iñigo ni Piolo at Angel sa mga gantong event pero now gumagawa na siya ng sariling pangalan! Sobrang talented na songwriter at singer! *1st pic 10 years ago & 2nd pic 4 yrs ago!”

Were you also surprised? Tell us what you think and comment below!

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THROWBACK: Angel Locsin’s Induction into the Philippine version of Walk of Fame!

Established by the late German Moreno, Eastwood City Walk of Fame patterned after the Hollywood Walk of fame honors personalities who have greatly contributed to the Philippine entertainment industry. As of November 2017, there are 343 names that have been inducted into the walk of fame one of which was Angel Locsin.

A video uploaded by the user “poosatwitmeow” on Youtube shows all the happenings during Angel Locsin’s induction at the 6th Walk of Fame ceremony which took place last December 1, 2011.

As shown on the video, Angel Locsin was accompanied by her Dad, Mr. Angel Colmenares. The host of the ceremony enthusiastically mentioned that aside from being an award winning actress, Angel Locsin is also an award winning swimmer and her mentor was no other than her Dad. The host was also quick to acknowledge that Mr. Angel Colmenares has always been very supportive throughout Angel’s career. Angel Locsin can’t seem to hide her happiness as they walk towards her star and genuinely smiled to the people who were present to witness the ceremony. She also gamely posed for pictures together with the newly inducted star with her name on it and even took a photo of it herself. 

Truly being recognized for the things you worked hard for is one of the most rewarding feeling all the more being rewarded with something that can withstand the test of time and will someday remind future generation of the things you have contributed in the entertainment industry.

With Angel Locsin, other stars that have been immortalized in the Walk of Fame were Ai-Ai delas Alas, Eugene Domingo, Anne Curtis, Iza Calzado, Carmina Villaroel, Heart Evangelista and Sam Milby to name a few.

Have you visited the Walk of fame? Whose star is your favorite? Share your thoughts on the comments below!

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VIDEO: MYCHOS presents Angel Locsin sa Gandang Gabi Vice!

“Love is perfect BUT LOVERS ARE NOT. How can something so right SEEM WRONG? How can something so wrong SEEM RIGHT? Love knows NO RIGHT OR WRONG. BUT LOVERS KNOW... Love has consequences. A unique love story of selflessness and sacrifice. True love is selfless. True love is WORTH... One More Try.”

These are the heart-stirring lines on the official trailer of One More Try, an award-winning film by Director Ruel S. Bayani starring Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin. It was one of the 8 official entries to the 2012 Manila Film Festival produced by Star Cinema, a certified blockbuster hit which earned numerous accolades in different award-winning bodies!

With the success of its compelling story and top-notched performances, it was lined up on the shelf of the Best Local Films that would be remembered for generations! Looking back to how this masterpiece was created, promoted and applauded is always a joy and a pride to be taken. Indeed, one of the greatest local films of all time!

As we look back, here are the other throat-lumping lines from the movie that took us by storm: 

“Kahit isang gabi lang pahiram ng asawa mo.”

“Mahal kita pero mas mahal ko ang anak ko.”

“Ang pera naten hindi basta basta nauubos pero ang pasensya ko konting konti nalang.”

We also have here a throwback footage of Angel Locsin’s guesting on GGV shared by the Entertainment media MYCHOS on Youtube which has been getting a buzz out of the reenactment of a dramatic scene from the movie, One More Try. Vice Ganda called out a few volunteers from the audience to do the scene with Angel, reenacting the heavy dramatic line “Minahal mo ba talaga ako o ginawa mo lang akong panakip butas” delivered by Zanjoe Marudo in the movie. To break the ice, Angel gamely did the stint with some twists backed up by Vice Ganda’s instant running jokes that cracked the audience up!

This is a proof that Angel Locsin’s acting caliber is not limited to eye-leaking heavy dramas! She has this funny side that is always a joy to watch! As of this writing, the video already garnered 319K views!

Did you also have fun watching the video? Comment your thoughts below!

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THROWBACK: Angel Locsin showed off her FOX dance moves on GGV!

Angel Locsin has got more than her high calibre acting and beauty — she also got moves! A short video clip was shared by @konohanicoh on Youtube where Angel dances to “The Fox” by Ylvis, a breakout song in 2013.

On the throwback video, Vice Ganda asked Angel first if she’s cool with it and to everyone’s surprise, she gamely got her groove on and she’s backed up by two volunteers from the audience whom Vice Ganda thanked and referred to as “Angels” at the end of the video. Everyone in the studio was absolutely ecstatic because it’s not everyday that you get to see the phenomenal Angel Locsin on the dance floor!

It’s no secret that amongst the brightest stars in the local entertainment industry, Angel Locsin is one of the most generous and versatile. In her every guesting and shows, ‪she goes above and beyond to match the love, support and effort her fans are giving her. And just like how she’s done it in GGV, ‬she surely knows how to entertain as it may not be her cup of tea, she never hesitated to make her fans happy in her own ways.

As of this writing, the video already has 21,821 views! Did you also have fun watching Angel’s fox moves? Write your comments below.

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Jane Oineza feels honored to have worked with Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana

Last night, the most-awarded MMK episode “Kotse-kotsehan” starring Angel Locsin, Dimples Romana and Jane Oineza was replayed as a way to recognize the height of its success in different accolades and as one of the most talked about MMK narrative.

It narrates a heart-stirring yet cautionary tale of a mother where Angel played the role of Samina, also Roma Tarub, whose maternal instinct and with all her good intentions kept a poor child named Topher from harm whom she found weeping along one of the bustling alleys in Divisoria, seemingly lost and helpless. She took the child under her care heedless of the consequences of her actions. The story detailed how one’s action born out of good intentions robbed another’s motherhood portrayed by Dimples and was construed as a crime leaving a mother in tragic predicament. This tragedy also took the freedom of Samina’s sister played by Oineza who was also imprisoned alongside her.

Without a doubt, Angel Locsin depicted the role exceptionally by any standards. Her riveting portrayal exuded brilliance and even her Lanao accent was quite impressive and sounded so natural, definitely worth all the praises and recognitions it has received. On the other hand, Dimples Romana and Jane Oineza are as equally adept and seasoned the episode with profound emotions enough to drown you in tears.

To date, this MMK episode already earned 6 high accolades for Angel’s outstanding performance as an actress including the recently concluded Asian Academy Creative Awards where MMK won the Best Single Drama.

After the replay’s airtime, Jane Oineza overwhelmingly shared on Twitter how honored and grateful she was to have been part of this obra maestra. “Salamat po sa mga nakapanuod ulit ng #MMKRobbedMotherhoodV2! 🙌🏻 I feel so honored to be part of this award winning episode and of course to have worked with ate @143redangel and ate @DimplesRomana ❤️ Thank you @MMKOfficial for this opportunity.. and again congrats to everyone,” she said.

Maalala Mo Kaya is the longest-running drama anthology series in the Philippines being broadcasted on ABS-CBN and hosted by Charo Santos-Concio. Through the years, it brings to light the extraordinary life stories and anecdotes of ordinary people through letter sending that give life inspiration to many. The characters of these relatable stories are played by the chosen actors who would best fit the roles. And Angel Locsin, as one of this generation’s most sought after and high-calibre actresses, always warrants a tear-jerking heavy drama and numero uno MMK episode.

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Netizens laud Angel Locsin for her performance in MMK Kotse-kotsehan!

May of 2017, Angel Locsin breathe life to the real life story of a loving mother who have no intention but to help a lost child. She treated the boy as her own, fed him, clothe him and give him unconditional love — a mother’s love. The said episode became a trending topic worldwide and nationwide the forst time it was aired! And just recently, it was recognized as the Best Single Drama in Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Last night, the MMK Kotse-kotsehan was replayed due to insistent public demand and Angel Locsin and other cast made it again! Angel Locsin has gained nothing but praises on how great her portrayal was. Netizens took on to twitter and expressed how amazed they were with Angel Locsin’s portrayal. One Netizen was able to point out how Angel Locsin vanishes into her character and transforms into the role she’s portraying. She was able to completely let the viewers feel that what they’re watching is Samina/Roma Tarub and not the actress Angel Locsin who’s given a script to act it out. What the Netizens laud more about this portrayal is how Angel managed to mirror people of Maranao’s accent that is very different from her native tounge. The netizens laud how effective Angel Locsin’s portrayal was that though they have watched the episode the first time it was aired, they can’t still help but shed a tear whenever Angel Locsin’s character does.

You can never really go wrong with an Angel Locsin starrer show whether it be a movie, a teleserye or a single MMK episode. Her portrayal as Saminah/ Roma Tarub earned her not just one, not two, but five best actress awards in just a single performance. She won the 1st Gawad Lasallianeta’s Most Outstanding TV Actress, 7th Edukcircle Awards’ Best Single Performance by an Actress, 2nd GEMS’ Best Actress in a Single Performance, 26th KBP Golden Dove Awards’ Best Actress in Drama and 16th Gawad Tanglaw’s Best Actress in a Single Performance.

Have you watched this episode? If not, You can still catch up through IwantTV! Don’t forget to like, share and let us know what can you say about Angel Locsin’s portrayal in the comments below!

Must watch: Few more happenings from the Christmas party hosted by Angel Locsin and Neil Arce

Christmas is really the best time to celebrate, have fun and enjoy. It is also the best time to reunite with family and friends after having a busy schedule for the whole year. That's the reason why Christmas holidays became a party season for everyone.

This is what Angel Locsin did during this holiday season. After spending Chrismas eve and Christmas day with her family, Angel and her beau Neil Arce hosted a get together party with their closest friends. It is not a secret that Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are good friends even before they officially became a couple. And because of this they almost have the same circle of friends.

The couple was reunited with their friends Bubbles Paraiso, Paolo Paraiso, Ehra Madrigal, Chito Miranda who are called as “The Vamps” and it seems that they really had fun celebrating Christmas together. The couple prepared foods, drinks for everybody and of course a lots of exciting games and surprises for their friends.

Some of their closest friends in the industry also attended the party like Dimples Romana and her family, Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez, Marco Gumabao, Patrick Sugui and some of their non-showbiz friends.

An instagram user who goes by the name @myangel_locsin shared videos of them originally posted by @bubblesparaiso on her IG story. As we watch the video everyone are having fun playing BINGO, and the couple even set up a prank to make the party more fun and exciting.

Neil and Angel really did a good job on having them all in a night full of laughter and best memories because it is not always that they can spend time with their closest friends. Everything became possible because of the generosity and thoughtfulness of this lovebirds. Truly, they are the kind of friends that probably we all wanted to have!

What can you say about this story? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share in the comments below!


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Hanggang ngayon, fan mo pa din ako. —Dimples Romana to Angel Locsin

Last night, Dimples Romana went a little sentimental when she took to Instagram a throwback photo of her with Angel Locsin in one of their first projects together - the 2008 classic film, Love Me Again.

Her touching caption reads:

“For life @therealangellocsin 💋❤️ Hanggang ngayon, fan mo pa din ako, Di lang bilang aktres pero mas lalo bilang tao. Mahal na mahal kita Mars. Napakaswerte kong may kaibigan akong tulad mo.

The multi awarded episode of my @therealangellocsin on @mmkofficial po tonight ❤️💋”

Angel Locsin being her usual self replied, “Our MMK Mars!🤗 Mas maswerte ako sayo, mars! Lahat ng nakakasama mo, swerte sila sayo 🙂 kung hindi pa nila marealize yun, ewan ko na lang sa kanila 😁”

Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana have always held each other in high regard and are known to have been the closest of friends even off cam. They top billed the special two-part episode of MMK which aired on May 20,2017 “Picture” and on May 27, 2017 “Kotse-kotsehan” and both rendered an acting at its highest expression of craft.

Due to insistent public demand, the award-winning MMK episode “Kotse-kotsehan” was replayed last night and drew positive reviews and plaudits from critics and viewers yet again for their equally and extraordinarily adept performances. Both conveyed multi-layered emotions and succeeded in giving justice to the story and portrayals of their characters who are not exactly a task that actors can just do but they have done it to perfection. No wonder why it has become the most awarded MMK episode to date.

Two things. Stellar acting. Inspiring friendship. We look forward to seeing you again in one project, Angels and Dimples!

Source: Instagram

Angel Locsin's First Lifetime Achievement Award

Angel Locsin is among those celebrities in the showbiz industry who had always been receiving awards and recognitions for her excellence in every project given to her. Most people agree that she is a very effective and efficient actress. Her versatility and her never ending beauty is undeniable. The best actress of all generation.

Aside from being a great actress Angel is also admire by her genuine and kind personality. Thus, making her the first actress to received Star Cinema's Lifetime Achievement Award last 2016.

We have here a throwback video  posted on Youtube by ABS-CBN Star Cinema with the caption "For the first time in, we gave out a special recognition- Lifetime Achievement Award (#LifePeg). We chose Angel Locsin as the first-ever recipient for her outstanding contributions in the industry and in the country as an actress, volunteer and activist, and for being the Angel Locsin that she is- determined, passionate, down-to-earth, and cool! We asked a handful of younger stars on what they see in Angel and they generously expressed their admiration for her. Congratulations, Angel! Also, thank you Papa P, Piolo Pascual, for being the presenter! 🙂"

As of this writing the video garnered 62,638 views and 1,000 likes.

In the video, actor Piolo Pascual, as he presented Angel as the winner said that just like a lot of people he also admire her for so many reasons including her excellence in acting, kindness and of course her beauty. He believes that Angel deserves to be awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award (#LifePeg) by Star Cinema. Young stars also express their admiration to Angel and their hopes in working with her soon. Her friend actress Dimples Romana also shared how genuine she is as a person and as friend.

In the last part of the video Angel expressed her gratitude to Star Cinema for choosing her as the first one to received The Lifetime Achievement Award and she also thank all the younger stars who express their admiration  and said good things to her. Angel shared that she's not aware of what she has done to inspired them but its a big thing for her and hope that she can continuously do all their expectations for her.

Watch the full video here and share what can you say about it by writing your comments below.

Source:  Youtube

The Action Drama Queen is set to be back on Primetime!

After ABS-CBN has confirmed that Ms. Angel Locsin will be making a comeback on television through her upcoming teleserye which entitled "The General's Daughter it already became the most talked about topic online. A lot of updates went viral that made everyone excited. And before they started filming for the scenes, Angel and other co-stars went into several intense trainings, and sessions which includes knife handling, gun firing and self-defense in preparation for their roles. Some photos and videos of their training were also shared by Angel herself in her instagram account.

While everyone of us knew that she loves doing fight scenes and other intense action scenes and as much as we are all excited we can't help but to worry about her health condition considering that previously she suffered from a spine injury back in 2015.

On twitter, @inquirerdotnet shared their interview with Angel regarding her upcoming teleserye and if it is really safe for her  to do action scenes again. They tweeted "Angel Locsin to star in an Action teleserye despite of spinal injury."

In the interview of  Angel said that she is very excited that this particular genre is returning...we can remembered that this is where she started her career doing action-adventure TV series.

When asked about her safety with regards to her health condition Angel said that her health never became an issue while making this TV project. " We're very careful with the execution of all the scenes. Of course, I can no longer do what I used to do, so i take extra precautions. To make sure my body is ready for the next taping day, I go to my PT (physical therapist) the night before. I also apply cold compress after we  shoot difficult scene."

Last  November 27, 2018 Angel Locsin together with the  cast of The General's Daughter joins the #KapamilyaChristmasTradeEvent at PICC. The network presented them to the advertisers who grace the star studded event as one of the newest kapamilya shows for 2019.

Aside from the excitement that we feel that our Action Drama Queen is ready for her comeback it's nice to know that Angel is very much healthy doing this teleserye.

2019 is fast approaching and as much as we are all excited all we can do is just wait because our Action Drama Queen Angel Locsin is now ready to conquer our evening with another Iconic character that she's going to portray, so watch out everyone!

Read the full interview in this link and share it to us how excited you are to see her again on Primetime Bida.

Source: Twitter

Friday, December 28, 2018

Angel Locsin's highly-acclaimed performance in MMK Kotse-Kotsehan episode wins another award...

We Filipinos are known for being an avid fan of teleserye, movies, or any show that deals about life and family. And probably most of us is an avid viewer of ABS-CBN's longest running Drama Anthology MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) Who would not remember the episode that made everyone into tears and intense emotion, the Kotse-kotsehan episode that became prominent because of the excellent and remarkable portrayal of the Award-winning and Versatile Actress Ms. Angel Locsin together with Ms. Dimples Romana and Jane Onieza.

The MMK episode Kotse-kotsehan revealed the story of how the motherhood of another woman was robbed by a woman with nothing but pure concern. The thing is, this concern and sincerity led her to a tragic destiny that affected not only her life, but the lives of her family.

This MMK episode did not only allow Angel Locsin, Dimples Romana, and Jane Oineza to tell the story of two different moms but it also allowed these actresses to show off their impressive acting skills that made them gain recognition from different award-giving bodies.

Angel Locsin already gained numerous awards in portraying the role of Samina/Roma Tarub. Angel's deep understanding and close connection to her character made her portrayal riveting and believable, even the Lanao accent sounds natural. It seems that her excellent performance will not stop in gaining more recognitions and awards. Because last  December 6, 2018 ABS-CBN News posted  about the good news...they wrote :

MANILA - ABS-CBN's longest-running drama anthology "Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK)" made history after winning Best Single Drama/Telemovie at the inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards in Singapore on Thursday, December 6.

The show’s winning entry is "Kotse-Kotsehan (Toy Car)," a special two-part episode of "MMK" which depicted the two perspectives of a mother’s love for her children, and topbilled by award-winning actress Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana.

"MMK" business unit head Roda dela Cerna accepted the award which she shared with the "two mothers who entrusted their life stories to MMK."

She also thanked the men and women behind the multi-awarded drama anthology.

The Asian Academy Creative Awards is being held at the 2018 Singapore Media Festival (SMF) and was created to "celebrate the best of Asian storytelling" and aims "to serve the creative industries as the pinnacle of their achievement in content creation and media production."

Congratulations Ms. Angel Locsin, to your co-stars and to the people who work hard and dedicate all their effort to made this recognition possible.

And now, due to insistent public demand we can watch the replay of this award-winning mmk episode of Ms. Angel Locsin tonight at 8:30pm

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Source: ABS-CBN

Gusto kong maging hitman — Angel shares the jobs she’d have if she hadn’t become famous

During the Everything About Her promotion, a famous Youtuber, Lloyd Cafe Cadena, got a chance to interview none other than one of the film’s lead stars, Ms. Angel Locsin. Angel looked so glam and radiant in red long sleeve dress and gamely answered each questions that the Youtuber gathered from her fans who submitted the questions via Twitter and Facebook.

The first question was, “#itanongmo kung hindi po kayo artista ano po magiging propesyon niyo Ms. Angel. #curious LoL,” and she answered, “I think nakakulong ako ngayon... hindi ewan ko ah kase nung bata ako ang dami kong gustong mangyari like natatandaan ko nakauniform pa ko nun, pumasok ako sa kumbento, pinipilit ko yung madre na ipasok ako. Tumatawa lang yung madre kase parang ano lang talaga nakauniform saka wala tong plano ah yung sige punta ako gusto kong maging madre. After a few months, gusto ko namang sumali sa military tapos gusto kong mag-ano maging hitman, maging doctor, as in ang dami kong ganun parang paiba iba hanggang sa narealize ko nalang pala nung ginagawa ko na tong, yung ngayong artista na ko na baka ito yung hinahanap ko nung bata ako na hindi ko lang maexpress kase wala namang taga showbiz sa pamilya ko. Wala naman kaming ganung propesyon. So parang feeling ko gusto ko talagang maging artista kase ang dami kong roles na gustong gawin nung bata ako. Artista nga talaga.”

The second question went, “#itanongMo anong sekreto sa pagiging maganda hinde lang sa pisikal na anyo,” and Angel advised, “sa totoo lang hindi ko alam. Hinahanap ko din yung sagot. Syempre ayoko kaseng bigyan kayo ng sagot na pang Ms. Universe, yung ganyan, echosin kayo diba. Saken as long as happy kayo, wala naman kayong pakialam kung anong sasabihin ng ibang tao at naaappreciate niyo kung anong binigay sayo ng Panginoon, magwowork yan sa inyo. Parang kahit ano namang ilagay mo sa mukha mo at kahit anong plastic surgery kung ang sama naman ng ugali mo at hindi ka marunong ngumiti walang mangyayari.”

She was also asked, “#itanongMo Ano reaksyon mo noong nalaman mong makakasama mo si Vilma Santos sa movie?” Angel replied, “It’s really an honor, a huge honor kase sa lahat ng nakatrabaho kong artista lahat sinasabi na gusto kong makatrabaho si Gov (Vilma), gusto kong maraming matutunan sa kanya. At yung mabigyan ka ng ganitong kagandang opportunity, sobrang bongga ang bongga lang talaga at ang dami kong natutunan sa kanya.”

Four more questions were asked, some of which were just meant to break the ice, and Angel entertained them with all her wits and wisdom. She humbly thanked the Youtuber for the fun interview and invited everyone to watch Everything About Her towards the end of the video.

You can watch the full video here:

WATCH: Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis and Marian Rivera pasok sa isang popularity survey in Korea!

Beauty standards vary as we have so many different cultures. Beauty can be found in all colours, shapes and sizes but we do often look to models and celebrities for our standards of beauty: usually tall, thin and elegant with perfect features. But no matter what beauty standard you sometimes might feel like you need to live up to, remember, be your own kind of beautiful!

That is one of the things our very own Angel Locsin would definitely advise any woman. As one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the country, Angel Locsin has been a household name that is being admired and looked up to. Known to many, aside from her physical attributes, she’s got beauty higher than any standards. Her simplicity is the grandest beauty you’d laid your eyes on. Her face that always smiles beholds a beauty beyond compare making everyone stop and stare. Her kindness and generosity she’s so consistently scatters everywhere makes her beauty second to none. Aside from all that, she is a woman that amazes. A woman who is never afraid to speak her mind. A woman who inspires. A woman with a heart, attitude and class. A woman who can never be defined by the opinions of others. A woman who stands up for herself and stands up for all the women. She is definitely not a one in a million kind of girl but a once in lifetime kind of woman. Someone you can show the world and be proud.

Having said that, it goes without saying that Angel Locsin would always be included in any list and round up of exceptional beauties. She always tops local and international beauty polls with her Heaven-sent beauty that is beyond her skin! In fact, on a video uploaded by a Youtuber who goes by the name Stich Choi, Angel Locsin represented the epitome of Filipina beauty that is also popular and admired in Korea. Other Filipina celebrities also featured in the vlog are Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis and Marian Rivera. As of press time, the video already drew 16K likes!

Filipina beauty is indeed world class!

What can you say about the video? Share us your thoughts by commenting below!

Watch the video here:

Angel Locsin making faces on her last day of work is probably the cutest thing you’ll see today!

As the holiday season kicks in, we are all pumped and overjoyed to feel the holiday cheer and festive spirit. Everyone is invited to the celebration and all are looking forward to the get-togethers, parties, gift-giving and any other customary celebration of this wonderful time of the year. But one of the things we are also excited for (specifically the working class) as the holiday season approaches is the last day of work for the year. It is so rewarding that after the long year of day and night workloads, you made it to the last day that although it isn’t really the ‘last day’ because you will certainly be back to work after the holidays, it is just as satisfying.

And to bring the end of the year on a high note, we have here some cute videos of Angel Locsin on her last day of work for 2018. A netizen who goes by the Instagram handle @allaboutangellocsin shared these cute videos of Angel making funny faces that will certainly put smiles on your faces. These videos were originally uploaded by Ms. Patricia Co, Angel’s road manager, on her IG story. The post already has 723 likes as of this writing.

It’s really been quite a busy year for Angel. After Pilipinas Got Talent Season 6, Angel has been prepping for her grand primetime comeback as the titular character in The General’s Daughter —an action drama tv series that will air this January 2019!

What can you say about the videos? Isn’t she the cutest? Don’t forget to like, share and comment.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Watch the videos here:

WATCH: Angel Locsin sets up a prank on her friends!

Pranks don’t just come around on April Fool’s Day. For Angel Locsin and friends, it happens even on Christmas Day!

And just a day after the most wonderful time of the year, Angel Locsin and beau, Neil Arce, hosted a get-together house party with their closest friends Bubbles Paraiso, Paolo Paraiso, Ehra Madrigal and Chito Miranda, the squad they call as “The Vamps”. Some of their celebrity friends also joined in the Christmas party like Dimples Romana and her family, Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, Marco Gumabao, Patrick Sugui, Boy 2 Quizon and some non-showbiz friends.

There’s really no better way to celebrate the holiday season but to throw a festive party with your loved ones and friends. After spending Christmas eve with family, the couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce went ahead to party all night with their closest friends at Neil’s place in Alabang. It was fun-filled as they played parlor games, feasted on Christmas dinner and snacks together and even set up some pranks to mix the party up a little bit.

They shared the fun through their posts on social media and a netizen who goes by the Instagram handle @charity_gel re-uploaded the video of how Angel Locsin and Neil Arce set up the prank that took a little while as revealed by Bubbles Paraiso who originally posted it on her IG story.

The video already earned 321 views as of this writing.

New Year is fast approaching and I wish everyone nothing but a prosperous one ahead!

Happy Holidays!

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Source: Instagram

A fan keeps her photo with Angel Locsin on a different way

They say that being a fan of a celebrity is only a waste of time, money and effort. But for most people, it's not, because they consider it  as a source of inspiration and happiness.

They have their own ways on how to show their admiration to the celebrity that they idolize. There are fans who really devote their time attending almost all the events of their celebrity idol.

There are those who try to imitate the style or their look. Some are working hard on making scrapbook and other souveneir and if given a chance they ask their idol to sign it. And  others are simply delighted of collecting photos of their idol. What ever way they choose to express their admiration, it will always give them the feeling of satisfaction. 

Just like an instagram user shared recently, on her instagram account @sheila182311 posted a pillow and a puzzle picture of herself together with Ms. Angel Locsin with the caption "My personalize puzzle picture and pillow with my idol Ms. Angel Locsin." It seems that this fan has her own way of keeping her souvenir photo of Angel Locsin in a different way.  And she is happy on how she keeps their photo together. As of this writing the photo garnered 15 likes and one netizen also posted a comment expressing her desire to have it also, she said @myangel_locsin "Papagawa din ako niyan pag may picture na kami together."

Who woundn't treasure this kind of photo? I guess all of us had it's own way to keep it because it is not always that we are given a chance to have a photo opportunity with the celebrity we admire most, just like Angel Locsin.

And as we all know Angel is one of those biggest celebrity who remained kind and humble ever since she started her acting career.  People who personally meet her can only tell nothing but kind words for her. That is one of the reason why she had so many fans who was with her since she started and even up to now.

Did you also had the chance to have a photo opportunity with the one and only Action Drama Queen Ms. Angel Locsin?  Share it to us by commenting below.

Source: Instagram

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce hosted a Christmas Party for their closest friends!

There’s really no better way to celebrate the holiday season but to throw a festive party with your loved ones and friends. After spending Christmas eve with family, the couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce went ahead to party all night with their closest friends at Neil’s place in Alabang. It was fun-filled as they played parlor games, feasted on Christmas dinner and snacks together and even set up some pranks to mix the party up a little bit.

It was on the day after the most wonderful time of the year, Angel Locsin and beau, Neil Arce, hosted the get-together house party to celebrate Christmas with their closest friends Bubbles Paraiso, Paolo Paraiso, Ehra Madrigal and Chito Miranda, the squad they call as “The Vamps”. Some of their celebrity friends also joined in the Christmas party like Dimples Romana and her family, Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, Marco Gumabao, Patrick Sugui, Boy 2 Quizon and some non-showbiz friends who were all thankful for the couple for inviting them.

They shared the fun and happenings at the party through social media posts that made rounds online and a netizen who goes by the Instagram handle @therealangelica_locsin re-uploaded a captured moment at the party with the caption that reads:

#Thevamps Christmas party
Ang bait talaga ng lovers ahaaha
@therealangellocsin @neil_arce
#AngelLocsin #neilarce
Ctto @danix8

On the video, the uploader shared how unlucky they were during the BINGO Bonanza. She and Dimples Romana almost got the prize but the luck was not on their side. “Ang lapit na eh! Hindi tayo pwede sa binguhan @dimplesromana puro puro lang! 😅,” she bantered.

The video already earned 2017 views as of press time.

New Year is fast approaching and I wish everyone nothing but a prosperous one ahead!

Happy Holidays!

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The General’s Daughter official themesong and music video is now out!

Last Dec 21st 2018, Angel Locsin’s upcoming teleserye The General’s Daughter themesong was released in between gaps of FPJs Ang Probinsyano. The song was written by Mr. Songwriter, Mr. Ogie Alcasid and sung by the Asia’s Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez. They work hand-in-hand to come up with a tearjerking song entitled “Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal.”

The music video featured some scenes from the upcoming show that we shouldn’t miss! One specific scene that made the viewer’s heart melt and had them tear up was the scene between Rhian (Angel Locsin) and Nanang Isabelle (Maricel Soriano).  The scene was so emotional as Angel Locsin’s character was weeping continuously on Nanang Isabelle’s shoulder crying for help. The said muaic video was then uploaded at ABS-CBN’s Youtube channel and as of this writing it already gained 71K views and 2k likes and is garnering nothing but positive feedbacks from the viewers!

The most anticipated primetime comeback of the one and only Ms. Angel Locsin is set to happen some time next year. She will topbill an action-drama series which is under the creative unit Dreamscape headed by Sir Deo Endrinal. With her are some of the industry’s finest like Ryza Cenon, Paulo Avelino, JC de Vera, Ms. Eula Valdez, Ms. Janice de Belen, Albert Martinez, Tirso Cruz III and Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Saying that everyone’s excited for The General’s Daughter is an understatement as its teaser trailer easily made the social media abuzz! It made rounds online and has been the talk of the viewing public. Judging from the Netizen’s reception and with its promising plot and the powerhouse cast, the show will surely amassed a huge success!

The General’s Daughter coming this January! Excited? Let us know in the comments!

source: ABS-CBN

Pocholo Barretto thanked Angel Locsin and Neil Arce for the only gift he received last Christmas

Christmas is about presents! Gifts are simply to remind people of the Three Kings’ offerings to the infant Jesus —Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh and of God's gift of Christ to humankind. All over the world, families and friends give presents to each other and most children believe in Santa Claus, the Christmas gift-bringer. Because who would not get a “Christmasy” feeling when you see Santa Claus almost everywhere during this holiday season? Even if you weren't raised in a household that celebrate Christmas, many kids still grow up with the idea that Santa is a real person who delivers present to those who have been good throughout the year. Children may stop pretending and believing Santa as they age, the true meaning of Christmas is still what holds up.

That being said, anyone of us can be Santa and give presents. This custom has been part of us since we can remember. This Christmas’ gift-giving tradition itself is a gift we received and practice to bring holiday cheer and spread love.

And just last Christmas, our favorite Angel on Earth became her own Santa again. Angel Locsin is known as one of the most generous celebrities in the local entertainment industry. When the holiday season kicks in, her gifts to friends and family line up to make them feel remembered and loved.

One of them is Pocholo Barreto took to Instagram earlier today how grateful she was to Angel Locsin and her boyfriend, Neil Arce, for the only Christmas gift he received this year. He uploaded the photo of the gift on his IG story and captioned it with, “Nagiisang regalong natanggap ko ngayong pasko, galing sa dalawang Taong nagbukas ng maraming oportunidad sa buhay ko ngayong taon. Salamat, @therealangellocsin @neil_arce.”

A netizen who goes by the Instagram hande @myangel_locsin reposted the photo and drew 53 likes as of press time.

I may sound like a broken record, but Angel really is an angel through and through.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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