A fan becomes emotional upon meeting Angel Locsin! Find out why!

At least once in our lifetime, we had that moment picturing ourselves meeting someone we admire the most. Imagining what it’s like to be with them in the same room, breathing the same air. But what if it suddenly becomes a reality? That all of a sudden the person you once wished to meet is already right in front of you? It sure is a dream come true!

The chance of meeting someone in Angel Locsin’s stature is probably one in a million. She’s either mobbed by fans or guarded by tons of marshals stopping people to come near her thus having the chance to get close to her can be quite overwhelming just like what the facebook user who goes by the name “Mariz Jobelle Camballa Imson” felt on that one unforgettable day. She met Angel Locsin unexpectedly while on the set of the ongoing TV series “The General’s Daughter.” She posted a photo of her with Angel and shared a brief story behind it with the caption that reads — “Yung di ko kinaya di umiyak at manginig! ❤️ I love you so much ❤️ Napakab…

Angel Locsin todo alalay kay Loisa Andalio!

The General’s Daughter top billed by the Action Drama Queen Angel Locsin which is now on its 11th week is continuously winning over its rival show. Apart from its interesting story line and the way it was told unconventionally, what made the viewers hooked is the brilliance of the actors in portraying their roles.

Fifty five episodes and viewers have nothing but good words for the show. Its cinematography and the mounting of the scenes are topnotch. Behind these breathtaking scenes is a great team working together to deliver and give the viewers nothing but the best.

Actors have been working together, spending majority of their time working on its scenes which takes up to more than 12 hours every other day. Having said that, it is very obvious that they have developed a close relationship treating each other like a family just like Angel Locsin and Loisa Andalio. These two seems to have found a sister in each other. Loisa Andalio is Angel Locsin’s “bunsoy” and their interactions o…

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In the world of showbiz, celebrities don’t always make the best bets out of their endorsements, television and movie projects. While there are endless stories about money being poorly managed or blown on luxurious cars and homes, some famous names have made savvy, if not always splashy, choices on where to place their hard-earned money.

In the local entertainment industry, Angel Locsin is one of the celebrities who took their investment acumen to another level. In a recent interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at her press conference for her new prime-time series, The General's Daughter, Angel revealed that owning farm land in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan 5 years ago was an achievement unlocked and was one of the best decisions she has ever made. "Kaya ako nagkaroon ng lupa sa Bulacan, kasi gusto ko mag-farm. Buti na lang din, good idea, kasi ang mahal na dun ng lupa ngayon.”

“Nabili ko na bago pa magbilihan yung mga tao so ewan ko, parang okay din kasi may in…

"Nakikita ng buong Pilipinas yung mukha ko pero Daddy ko hindi..."~Angel to his father's condition...

There is a saying that "Behind every great daughter is truly an amazing Dad" Having a positive father and daughter relationship can have a huge impact on a young girl's life. And by that, she can develop a strong and confident woman in herself. A father's influence in his daughter's life shape her self-esteem and confidence.

Talking about father and daughter relationship, if there is one celebrity that we can truly admire on how she loves her father so much that is Angel Locsin. At her TV guesting in ABS-CBN morning talk show Magandang Buhay everyone was touched upon hearing her stories about her Dad. In the video uploaded by ABS-CBN on their Facebook page Angel was asked what made her decide to bought a beach property and gave it to her Dad?

"Kung anong makaka-pagpasaya sa kanya, siguro in return, ako naman ngayon, kasi noon binigay naman niya sa akin lahat, kahit hindi namin kaya nung time na yun, try nya pa din yung best nya na gawin happy yung childhoo…

Fans thank Angel Locsin for being their inspiration for their academic awards and recognition!

People look up to celebrities as good role models and inspiration towards education, environment, beliefs, career, lifestyle, humanity and other life aspects. Some celebrities never back down from having a good education despite their hectic schedule and encourage the youth to make it a priority. Some actively participate in projects concerning the environment and animal safety. Some stand up for what they believe in and never afraid to speak their mind. Some are remarkably doing well in their craft that hugely inspire others to be the same in their chosen field. Famous people also share their personal life on social media like their adventures, travel and lifestyle which affects people’s standards. And their will power and contribution to humanity make a really great impact.

Having said that, Angel Locsin is the celebrity that first comes to mind. She is not only one of the most sought after and most notable actresses but also an educated woman who educates generations. She is a wo…

Angel Locsin’s THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER leads ABS-CBN’s slate for MIPTV this year!

On a recent report by World Screen, a 33-year-old NY based publication covering the international media business, the top-rating primetime show “The General’s Daughter” top-billed by Angel Locsin is ABS-CBN’s leading entry for the company’s slate for MIPTV this year.

The said digital publication recognized Ms. Angel Locsin as an Emmy-nominated actress and it is definitely something we should also take pride on.

World Screen report says, “The drama star Emmy-nominated Angel Locsin as Second Lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio, a military nurse-turned-spy trained by her adoptive father to exact revenge on his enemy.”

ABS-CBN International Distribution will also be showcasing the afternoon show, Los Bastardos and the movie, Alone Together starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.

“We believe that these titles will appeal to buyers because of their portrayals of authentic and relatable characters in narratives that viewers will surely connect to,” says Laarni Yu, ABS-CBN’s sales head for EMEA.…

ON THIS DAY: Angel Locsin’s DARNA premiered and these DARNA fan arts will bring back all the feels!

Exactly 14 years ago, Angel Locsin took the titular role of Darna (2005) and today in the history, this superlative piece of work premiered on Philippine National TV. This Mars Ravelo’s comic book super-heroine character solidified her ICON status that even up to this day remains unrivalled. When she donned the trademark red and gold costume, her calibre as a supernal artist in ACTION and primo in DRAMA rose to prominence, embellished by her unmatched beauty and presence. She is unarguably one of the best portrayals of the Filipino comic super-heroine. In fact, she has always been the top pick to reprise the role but they came to a mutual decision to pass it on to someone else due to Angel’s spine injury. This final decision broke the hearts of millions but one thing is for sure, Angel as Darna is already set in stone and will be remembered for generations.

Many also dubbed Angel as people’s favorite and real-life Darna for she personalizes her in real life through her charity and h…